Web Developer

Duties of the job: The role involves the following responsibilities:

  • Meet clients to identify their needs and liaise regularly with them
  • Draw up detailed website specifications and Present initial design ideas to clients
  • Design graphics, animations and manipulate digital photographs
  • Register web domain names and organize the hosting of the website
  • Carry out coding using a variety of software
  • Work with different content management systems
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)Meet relevant legal requirements such as accessibility standards, freedom of information and privacy
  • Proofread content and make changes where necessary
  • Edit content, debug code and re-design web pages
  • Work with other web specialists, including web developers and graphic designers
  • Liaise with outside agencies
  • Test the website to ensure it's working
  • Hand the completed website over to the client
  • Provide post-sales technical support
  • Train the clients' staff
  • Research current design trends
  • Undertake continuing professional development (CPD) activities to keep up to date with new software

Skills, experience and qualifications required:

The successful candidate will have relevant skills and experience required for the post together with the following;

  • Degree in Computer science or degree relevant to IT
  • Proficient in Visual Design Principles like Emergence, Reification, Invariance
  • At least 3 years’ experience in Responsive Design using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Implementation knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Tools (Visual Studio, ItelliJ, Eclipse)
  • Debugging
  • GIT (Code Versioning)
  • Basic graphic design
  • Databases'
  • Working with Hosting (Publishing web site)
  • Libraries and frameworks
  • Job Id PT002
  • Location USA
  • Experience 4 + Years
  • Job Type Full Time
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