Educational organizations are the backbone for the future of our economy. For these institutions to be successful at what they do, they need better access to technology with flexibility and convenience.

The tech world is rapidly changing the way education is offered. From mobile apps to start learning tools, we’re witnessing a major transformation in the education of the students. Planer IT is one of the experienced education technology companies that has brought next generation education to several global companies.

Lecture Capture System

This is one of the primary requirements in most LMS that allows users to view the lectures in real-time and save them for later use.

Online Exam Management

You can use the LMS portals to conduct and monitor online exams, assess the student answers and publish the results online.

Virtual Labs

Virtual labs are useful for both schools and universities where the staff can use a combination of online tools to visually teach the students.

Visual Simulation

We integrate third-party simulation tools or create in-built features in the LMS for students to work on the simulated engineering & science models.

Personal Development Tools

You can include additional education materials in the form of videos, documents and tools that the students can use in their free time to improve themselves.